nd I can tell shersquo;s trying to find a way to prove me wrong. On Feet Mens Reebok ZPrint 3D EX Black White Sneakers;Gwen. If itrsquo;s a freaking broomstick, why is it cumming?rdquo; The end of thecookie has On Feet Mens Reebok ZPrint 3D EX Navy Sneakerswhite icing shooting out of it and clearly looks like cum. ;Thatrsquo;s the magic coming out! Itrsquo;s a witchrsquo;s On Feet Mens Reebok ZPrint 3D EX Grey Orange Sneakersbroomstick!rdquo; She says it soearnestly that Irsquo;m not sure who shes trying to convince here, me orherself. ;Yeah, somethingrsquo;s coming out of it all right.rdquo;Suddenly, we both bust out laughing. I should be frustrated, butlaughing feels good. Itrsquo;s something I havenrsquo;t done in a while, and I letit out, enjoying the silliness of the situation.When we finally stop laughing, a worried look crosses her face.;I


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